Boot Tool for an Oil Filter

Changing an oil filter has never been easier!

  • Multipurpose Cup-Like Boot
  • No Mess and Fuss
  • Saves Time and Eliminates Frustration
  • Can Be Used on All Types of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Ideal for Professional Mechanics and Do-it-Yourselfers Alike


Utility Patent #10,040,010

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Victor Mauroza of Kansas City, MO has created a way for oil filters to be replaced without the mess and headache of current methods!

While changing the oil in his own vehicles and for others occasionally, Inventor Mauroza always had to deal with oil dripping down the side of the oil filter and making a huge mess. This experience also made him realize theres not a proper way to recycle oil and the filter without that becoming messy, too. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Boot Tool for an Oil Filter!

This clever new invention allows professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike the ability to remove a used oil filter and contain it for transport to the auto parts store for proper disposal without the usual mess. A cup-like boot made of high temperature silicone rubber will be manufactured in multiple sizes to fit all screw-on oil filters. The boot will fit around the filter and will have protruding dimples on the inside and a cap to seal it shut. The dimples will provide extra grip when unscrewing the filter and will leave room for oil spillage. The tool also has a flat bottom on the container so it can be placed in an upright position while finishing filter replacement.

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