Boomerang Zip Line

The smarter way to zip line!

  • 10x Faster Ride for Greater Revenue
  • Riders Spend Less Time Waiting in Line
  • No Danger of Getting Clothes, Gloves, or Hair Caught in the Ride
  • Seats are Magically Slowed and Stopped at the Bottom with No Visible Stops or Bungees
  • Easy to Pull Lighter Riders into the Lower Station if Their Speed Does Not Get Them There


Utility Patent #9,789,410

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Curtis Dose of San Diego, CA and Jack Tierney of Altadena, CA have created an improved method of zip lining!

After installing a 250 ft. zip line at his daughters home, Curtis grandson, Jack, approached him with an invention idea. Although the zip line was great fun for everyone, it took ten minutes to pull the trolley back up the fixed wire cable after each ride. This meant the next person would have to wait for their turn on the zip line. Jack took a piece of paper and drew a zip line that had two seats opposite each other on a wire cable loop going through an upper and lower pulley. The wire moved with the seats like a ski lift or clothesline. As a rider went down, the other empty seat was raised back up to the starting point, ready for the next rider. For Christmas, Curtis built Jack a prototype of this idea called the Boomerang Zip Line. They experimented with several pulleys to find ones that worked, finally using bike wheel rims for the upper and lower pulleys. It worked perfectly! There was no interference when the seats passed because the seat going down with the rider hung low and the lighter empty seat going up was on a taut wire far above. Since the seat was always right there for the next rider, the time in between rides was now about forty seconds instead of ten minutes. Thats when they knew they were onto something!

The Boomerang Zip Line will be great for backyard fun. It will also work especially well in commercial zip line thrill rides. Want to learn more? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities.

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