“BOO! You Lose!” card game

Object of the Game: To NOT draw the BOO! You Lose! card

  • Ages 3 – to Adult
  • 2 or More Players
  • Fun, Colorful Cards with Outlandish Characters with Goofy Names
  • Suspenseful and Surprising
  • Fun for the Whole Family


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Story Behind the Invention

Age Limit: 3 to Adult
Estimated Time of Play: 3 to 10 minutes
Object of the Game: To NOT draw the BOO! You Lose! card

How to Play: Shuffle cards and place them face down. Select a player to begin and rotate beginning with the player to the left for each new game. Players take tums drawing a single card from the top of the deck and play continues to the left.

Game ends when "BOO!" card is drawn. That player loses the game and other players shout: Boo! You lose!" If "Second Chance Charlie" is drawn before the game ends, it can be exchanged for "BOO!" Both cards are returned to the deck. Deck is reshuffled and the game continues. However, if its not used during the game, it must be surrendered at the end of each game.

If "Draw Again Ghengis, "Double Draw McGraw" or "Play Again Play-ah" card is drawn, player must take another turn which increases his risk of drawing the losing card.

If player draws "Pass A Turn Tina" card, it passes to the player on his left and that player must take another turn. These four cards are not added back to the deck during the game.

Variations: If playing game with more than 2 players: When "BOO!" card is drawn, that player sits out for the remainder of the game. The card goes back into the reshuffled deck and the game continues as outlined above. The last player standing wins the game!

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