Bird Stopper Mirror Cover

Eliminates a birds ability to see its own reflection in mirrors.

  • Prevents Birds from Pecking or Relieving Themselves on Car Doors
  • Dew and Frost-Free Mirrors
  • Safer Driving
  • No Need to Dry Mirrors
  • Easy to Use and Be on Your Way


Design Patent #D838,655

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel Leonard Motley of Axton, VA has designed a mirror cover to keep birds like cardinals away from a vehicles side mirrors.

For many years, as a car owner, Motley endured the problem of cardinals seeing their own reflection in the cars side mirrors and pecking and relieving themselves on the car doors. To solve this, he placed plastic bags over the mirrors. Although it worked, it didnt look very nice especially on a classic car or truck! He just knew there had to be a better way. His next possible solution was using lids to fit the outer edge of the mirrors, which worked a little better, so he began bringing them to local car shows. It was at these shows where Motley met others with the same bird problem. He always knew it was an issue, but it took those car shows for him to realize how much of a widespread problem it truly was. In turn, he was inspired to design the Bird Stopper Mirror Cover!

This clever new invention was created for all car owners who care about the appearance of their vehicle and are tired of cleaning up after birds. The mirror cover will eliminate a cardinals ability to see its own reflection and will prevent pecking and bird messes. It will also leave the mirrors dew and frost-free in the mornings for safer driving.

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Additional Information

Mirror Cover is for G.M. Sport Mirror 1970-1987


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