Big Boy Game Hoist

Wild game can now be field dressed in a safe and consistent manner!

  • Minimizes Physical Exertion
  • 1200 Lb. Lift Capacity
  • Allows Ample Working Room for Convenience
  • Lightweight yet Strong and Durable
  • Environmentally Friendly


Utility Patent #10,117,439

Story Behind the Invention

Wild game can now be field dressed in a safe and consistent manner! Inventor Rick Rowland of Alberta has created a carcass hoist capable of working with a winch or similar device.

The inspiration for the Big Boy Game Hoist was born out of desperation after years of using makeshift apparatuses to hang game which usually consisted of two trees with a cross beam secured to each tree. Unfortunately, the two trees required were not always at hand, but deeper in the bush, that sometimes required clearing your way through or even cutting down trees to accommodate. This took a great deal of time and physical strength, with the results sometimes being less than desirable. A new and easier way had to be foundand so it was with the creation of the Big Boy Game Hoist!

This clever new invention was created to allow other choices for set up locations and minimize physical exertion and will safely lift a large game animal weighing up to twelve hundred pounds. It allows ample working room for convenience, is lightweight yet strong and durable, plus environmentally friendly too!

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