Best Bun Since Sliced Bread

An innovative new bun mold for creating the perfect hot dog bun every time!

  • Designed to be Flat to Keep Buns from Tipping Over
  • Perfect Shape to Keep All Your Condiments from Falling Out While Eating
  • No More 2-Piece Messy Buns
  • Uses Less Bread with Its Hollowed-Out Design
  • Reduces a Waste Stream By Eliminating the Need for a Cardboard Sleeve to Contain Spills


Design Patent - D959,215

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Billy Patterson of Canada has designed a bun mold for creating the perfect hot dog bun every time!

The idea was born after being on crutches several times. One night around a bonfire with some frosty beverages, Billy took the armpit pad off his crutch and remarked, "Would this make the best hot dog bun ever or what?" Quite a while after, around another bonfire, he came up with the name "The Best Bun Since Sliced Bread." Now his idea has been developed and is ready to hit the market!

The device is easy to use. Simply fill up the bottom of the mold with bread dough. The bottom was designed to be flat to keep buns from tipping over. After baking, the bun is the perfect shape to keep all your condiments from falling out while eating. No more 2-piece messy buns! The mold uses less bread with its hollowed-out design. It also reduces a waste stream by eliminating the need for a cardboard sleeve to contain spills. A napkin will suffice. This will be a game-changer for hot dogs, chili dogs, and sausage dogs!

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