Bellie Nellies

Purse dolls that offer both companionship and portable storage space.

  • Two Items in One
  • Can Go Anywhere with Child
  • Easily Brush and Style Hair
  • Various Styles
  • Possible Collector’s Item


Design Patent #D868,908

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Harry A. Bartee, Jr. MD of Saltillo, MS has designed purse dolls that offer both companionship and a portable storage space for your childs things!

A childs favorite doll one day can later end up sitting in a corner with only occasional play. One of the most exciting things for little girls and preteens, however, is combing and styling their dolls hair. From a young age, they also enjoy carrying around items in a purse like a grownup. In turn, Inventor Bartee was inspired to design dolls that will give kids the best of both worlds: Bellie Nellies!

Each doll features hair that is easily brushed and styled, arms that act as straps, legs, and a belly that opens and buckles closed, like a purse. Various glam or casual styles are possible. The dolls could even become a collectible item!

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Additional Information

Prototype Images Pictured in #4 & #5
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