Bed Rail Safety Cushion Cuff

A cushion cuff for restraining patients when necessary.

  • Can Be Worn on The Lower Arms, Wrists, Hands, or Ankles
  • Cuff Attaches to A Restraint, Which Attaches to A Bed Rail Clamp
  • Unique Sliding Lock Design for Adjustability
  • A Short Version Gives Limited Mobility and A Long Version Gives More Flexibility
  • Keeps Patient from Leaving a Hospital Bed, Pulling Out IV Lines, or Injuring Themselves or Others


Utility Patent - 11,471,317

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James M. Spears of Little Rock, AR has created a cushion cuff for restraining patients when necessary.

As anyone who works in the medical field knows, patients sometimes need to be restrained. The need for physical constraint may be for the benefit of the patient, or to protect the medical personnel or caregivers assisting them. Medical staff or family members need to protect themselves and the patient to the best of their ability and James just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Bed Rail Safety Cushion Cuff!

The invention includes a cushioned cuff, which patients may wear on their lower arms, wrists, hands, or ankles. The cuff attaches to a restraint, which is also attached to a bed rail clamp. The clamp fastens securely to hospital beds and can be adjusted quickly and easily thanks to a unique sliding lock design. The cuff adjusts a patient's range of motion to prevent them from leaving a hospital bed, pulling out IV lines, or injuring themselves or others during a period of confusion.

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