Bear Deterrent By PVB

A chemical spray designed to repel bears and help keep them away from trash.

  • For Use Around Garbage Dumps, Campgrounds, and Other Similar Locations
  • Quickly Turns Bears Away
  • Keeps Trash from Spreading Out Across the Countryside
  • Reduces Human and Animal Attacks
  • Easy to Use
  • Also Works on Raccoons, White-Tailed Deer, and Around Your Vegetable Garden


Design Patent #D875,911

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Paul V. Bennett III of Rice Lake, WI has designed a chemical spray to keep bears away from trash areas without causing harm to the animal.

Bears and other large wildlife are always attracted to food found at garbage dumps and around campgrounds. As a garbage man for over twenty years, Paul had to pick up trash that bears and other critters have scattered across the countryside. Hes even had to chase down a bear for the trash can! After that, he just knew there had to be another way. In turn, he came up with a chemical designed to help keep bears away from trash and other leftovers we throw away.

The invention is simply sprayed on and around garbage cans and dumpsters where bears are known to frequent. It can also be sprayed around tents and campsites in the wilderness. When a bear approaches, the scent will quickly turn them away. After repeated applications, bears will learn to avoid the treated area altogether.

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