Baseball Hand Warmer

The best way to keep a players throwing hand warm and dry in between plays and pitches.

  • Flexible and Waterproof
  • Improves Ability to Throw and/or Catch
  • Connects Two Different Ways
  • Remains Warm for Hours
  • Must-Have for all Games and Practice Sessions


Utility Patent #10,986,885

Story Behind the Invention

The Inventors have created an innovative new hand warmer to keep a baseball or softball players throwing hand warm and dry in between plays and pitches.

With a son on a travel baseball team, the inventors quickly noticed how challenging weather conditions affected his performance. During many games, he struggled with gripping and throwing the ball accurately due to his cold and/or wet hands. In an effort to help, they purchased heat packets to place in his back pocket. Other parents took the same approach for their children. Unfortunately, the packets did not make a noticeable difference for the players. Other available options were subpar and only for football players. The inventors just knew there had to be a better solution. As a result, they developed the Baseball Hand Warmer!

The Baseball Hand Warmer is a flexible, waterproof hand warming pocket with a soft insulated interior chamber that retains heat. It is worn horizontally on the same side of the body as the players throwing hand. Vertical placement is also possible. The player can connect the hand warmer to his/her belt two different ways either by attaching it using the belt loops or by using the easy on/off flap that snaps around the belt. If expedited on/off is required by a coach, the flap with snaps is the way to go. The pocket will remain warm for hours to ensure the players hand stays warm for an entire game or practice session. If desired, a disposable warming pack can be inserted into the pocket to provide additional warmth.

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