Banquet Buddy

Moving through a buffet line has never been easier!

  • Carry Both a Dinner and Salad Plate With Only One Hand, Leaving The Other Hand Free to Serve One's Self
  • For Standard Size Plates or Can Be Customized to Hold Other Sizes and Shapes of Plates
  • Handle Extends for Different Size Hands and is for Right or Left-Handed Users
  • Area on Handle for Thumb to Aid in Stability
  • Rubber Stoppers Prevent Slippage of Plates
  • Prevents Dropped Food, Messes, and Embarrassment


Utility Patent #9,943,181

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas F. Stack of North Myrtle Beach, SC has created a buffet salad plate caddy system.

A common problem encountered at buffets is having to hold both a dinner plate and a salad plate, while at the same time keeping a hand free in which to get food from the rest of the buffet. Often diners will either carry one plate and make another trip back to the buffet or they will awkwardly try to hold all their plates in the same hand or stack them up their arm, which is always risky. As a former food and beverage director at a large resort, Inventor Stack witnessed many guests struggling like this. He just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he created the Banquet Buddy.

This clever new invention will allow users to carry two plates with only one hand. While created for standard plate sizes, the invention can also be customized to fit any size plate a venue may have. Its features were created with stability in mind to prevent dropped food, messes, and embarrassment. The caddy will be ideal for banquet halls, weddings, special events, meetings and more.

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