Allows you to use exercise resistance bands along with dumbbells!

  • Adds Resistance Through the Entire Range of Motion
  • Unique Mechanism Inside the Dumbbell Allows for Fluid Movement Throughout a Motion
  • Prevents Bands from Binding or Slipping Off
  • User May Easily Switch Out the Bands for Bands of Different Resistance
  • Adds Resistance Without Adding Actual Physical Weight
  • Great For Home Use or Travel


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Maurice Harden of Riverview, FL has created an exercise device which effectively allows you to use exercise resistance bands along with dumbbells.

As a kinesiologist working in both rehabilitation and fitness, Maurice was always fascinated with resistance bands and the various types of exercises you can do with them. He would watch people in the gym attaching the bands to machines and barbells. He thought, Why not dumbbells? and started trying it. But then he ran into a few problems. First, the bands would rub the hands or get in the way. Or the bands would bind, causing the hands to bend into uncomfortable positions. The band can also slip off during use and cause injury. He just knew there had to be a way. Band-Bells is his solution.

During dumbbell exercises, a user now has added resistance through the entire range of motion. No longer will bands bind against the surface of the barbell or slip off. The user may easily switch out the bands for bands of different resistance or even attach multiple bands at once. The invention adds resistance without adding actual physical weight, making them ideal for use in limited space or while traveling.


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