Backup Camera Cover

A movable cover to protect and clean your backup camera lens.

  • Protects from Water, Snow, Ice, Mud and Other Grime
  • Self-Cleaning with Soft Brush
  • Weatherproof Domed Cover
  • High Quality Operation
  • Improves Safety


Utility Patent #10,606,151

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Brian Esterholt and Charlotte Esterholt of Pinedale, WY have created a movable cover to protect and clean a vehicle's backup camera lens for safe driving in inclement weather.

Living in western Wyoming, the weather conditions can be extreme. There are long, cold winters and muddy springs and falls. During the winter, the weather is often too far below freezing to wash a vehicle. If washed, the doors will freeze shut until they can thaw in a heated garage. Also, many roads are dirt, so vehicles are often covered in dirt and/or ice. Without any kind of cover, a rear-mounted backup camera also gets covered in mud and ice, yielding a useless image on the vehicle's screen. Not only is this frustrating, it presents a safety issue. Like many people, Brian and Charlotte would have to wipe off their backup cover lens nearly every time they drove their car. If they did not have a damp towel in hand, they would have to lick their finger to wipe off the camera. Clearly that was not something they preferred to do. They just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they developed the Backup Camera Cover!

This invention will be professionally installed and wired into the electronics of a vehicle. When the vehicle is in reverse, a weatherproof domed cover will flip up and out of the way of the backup camera. The cover will flip down to a closed, sealed position when the vehicle is in any gear other than reverse. A soft brush on the inside of the camera cover will swipe over the camera lens as it opens and closes. This means the backup cameras lens will always be clean and dry, allowing a person to safely back up, no matter how dirty their vehicle gets!

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