Baby Yap

An innovative new alert system for children left behind in their car seat.

  • Foolproof
  • Prevents Tragic Accidental Deaths
  • Takes Steps to Alert Parent or Care Provider
  • Heating/Cooling Device Based on Temperature
  • GPS Unit


Utility Patent #10,713,917

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Audra L. Wellington and Leslie B. Hallgren have created an innovative new alert system for children left behind in their car seat.

It is all too often we learn of a tragedy involving death or serious injury due to a child being locked inside of an automobile. Temperatures can rise very quickly and in just a short time. While a hot car is always reason for concern, many people do not realize that cold cars can be life-threatening as well. In turn, Inventors Wellington and Hallgren developed Baby Yap!

A sensor pad will monitor the car seat for the weight (or presence) of a child. The invention will also be able to tell when the vehicle is turned off. The parent or care provider will carry a smart phone equipped with an associated app. If the vehicle is turned off, but a child is still in the seat, within minutes, the smart phone will sound an alarm reminding the parent or care provider to take corrective action. Depending on the data obtained, the user may also increase or decrease the temperature of the device through the app. The user may also track the device by the GPS unit, should the user and device become separated.

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