Baby Thermos

The Baby Thermos keeps water warm while on-the-go for use with formula!

  • Insulated to Keep Water Warm for Hours
  • Pour Spout for Easy Pouring and No Spills
  • Temperature Sticker
  • Attached Vessel Holds and Dispenses Powdered Formula
  • Gives Parents or Caregivers More Freedom When Leaving the House


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Colleen Gilland and Jonathan Gilland of Broughton, IL have created a special thermos that keeps water warm while on-the-go for use with formula.

It is necessary to have warm water on hand when using powdered formula. Unfortunately, while in the car, shopping, at church, in a restaurant, or numerous other places, warm water is hard to come by! As a result, many parents feel they cannot get out much. Inventors Gilland felt that way too. One day, they started using a small thermos when traveling with their baby. They were then able to keep water warm for hours enough for four bottles! The only downfall with the thermos was pouring. It was incredibly easy to spill when filling up bottles. After searching the market for a solution, they could not find anything close to what they needed. In turn, Inventors Gilland created the Baby Thermos!

This clever new thermos is specially designed for pouring water into a baby bottle. It is insulated to keep water warm for hours. A temperature sticker keeps track of the waters warmth. An attached vessel holds and dispenses powdered formula. Overall, the invention gives parents and caregivers more freedom when leaving the home! Act now for exclusive rights!


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