Automotive Swimwear

A new way to protect your parked vehicle during flooding or other inclement weather!

  • Takes the Form of a Large Wetsuit
  • Made of Waterproof Textile
  • Fully Covers Vehicle and Has a Waterproof Zipper
  • Keeps Car Completely Dry
  • Multiple Sizes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jacqueline A. Hutchinson of Bradenton, FL has created a vehicle protection device to protect parked vehicles during flooding or other inclement weather.

As a Florida resident, Inventor Hutchinson has experienced flooding every hurricane season. So many families lose their only way of transportation. It is a sad thing seeing all the lost vehicles, including emergency vehicles, which are needed to help people. Imagine already losing your home to a flood. You do not want to lose your car too. After all, a car is a large investment, and many treat their vehicle like their baby. In turn, Inventor Hutchinson was inspired to develop Automotive Swimwear!

But how does it work? The invention takes the form of a large wetsuit, made of waterproof textile. The wetsuit is opened and laid flat upon a driveway, parking lot, or similar surface. The vehicle is then driven onto the wetsuit, and the remaining sides are pulled up and over the car. A waterproof zipper closes the vehicle inside. A durable thinner vinyl material covers the area around the tires. Once in place, the invention keeps the car completely dry inside. When the flood waters recede, the swimwear is simply opened back up and the car can be driven as normal. Various sizes are possible to protect different types of vehicles.

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