Automotive Scent Diffuser

For a wonderfully smelling vehicle, look no further!

  • Odor Eliminator
  • Simple to Install
  • Easy to Change Cartridges
  • Various Scents Possible
  • Retrofit for Any Vehicle


Utility Patent #11,034,217

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chandler Kubas of Dickinson, ND has developed an innovative new way to keep your vehicle smelling its best.

Car odors happen to everyone at some point in time. Unfortunately, these odors are not just offensive to you as the driver, but to friends or anyone whos riding along with you as a passenger. In turn, Inventor Kubas has created the Automotive Scent Diffuser!

This clever new invention will change the way your car smells and wont have you dealing with scent sticks, aerosol spray cans, or hanging air fresheners that obstruct your view. Instead, the invention will spray from the vent on the diffuser into the cabin below a drivers feet. Users will simply insert replaceable scent cartridges into at least one of the two cartridge housings. Liquid air freshener can also be used, as there is a liquid air freshener port as well. Users will then press a button below the steering wheel or it can set on auto, and a pumping mechanism will disperse and circulate fragrance throughout the vehicle, thus eliminating all car odor and purifying the air. Various scents and air purifiers are possible to suit a drivers unique preference.

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