Automobile Mirror Cleaning Device

This innovative new product will keep side view mirrors and side windows clean in an effort to reduce blind spots for safer driving.

  • Air Nozzles Keep Mirrors Clean
  • Prevents the Accumulation of Rain, Dirt, Snow, Ice, and More
  • Can Be Used on All Types of Motor Vehicles, Including Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s
  • Perfect for Large Truck Mirrors That Are Hard to Reach
  • Great for Emergency Vehicles That Must Be Ready to Go at a Moment’s Notice


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ronald E. Teig, Jr. of Harlowton, MT has created a product that will keep side view mirrors and side windows clean in an effort to reduce blind spots for safer driving.

As an over the road truck driver for over 29 years, Teig would have faster vehicles try to overtake him in a rainstorm. With wet windows, mirrors, and road spray, he would not see them unless they had their headlights on, and even then, it was just a blur. He also had similar experiences in a pickup and SUV. Although he tried chemical products to help his visibility, he was less than satisfied with their performance. Over time these products would need reapplied, too. Teig had seen add-on devices for big truck mirrors but those rely on the forward momentum of a truck and he thought they would be ineffective in a cross or tailwind environment. In turn, he was inspired to create the Automobile Mirror Cleaning Device!

This clever new invention utilizes air nozzles that work to keep a vehicles mirrors clean. This will prevent the accumulation of rain, dirt, snow, ice, and more. The invention can be used on all types of motor vehicles. It will be especially helpful for large truck mirrors that are hard to reach. It would also be great for emergency vehicles that must be ready to go at a moments notice.

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