Automated Sunscreen

Shades and protects the inside of a vehicle from the effects of the suns rays.

  • - Protects Car and Contents Against Ultraviolet Radiation
  • - More Effective Than Conventional Cardboard Window Shields
  • - Controlled by an Electric Motor Which Drives the Shade Up and Down
  • - Flexible
  • - May Deter Theft
  • - Standard Option or Great Aftermarket Item


Utility Patent - 11,524,555

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sally Luker of Cypress, TX has created a sunscreen that allows a user to protect the interior of their motor vehicle from sun and heat damage without the clumsiness and inefficiency of conventional car covers.

Living in the heat of Texas, Sally quickly grew tired of looking for the cardboard sunscreen that always seemed to be further away than she could reach in the backseat. When she did retrieve it from the floor, it would be crushed from moving the seat back and forth when entering or exiting the car. It was also hard to sit in the driver's seat and reach across the front of the car to unfold the sunscreen and make sure it stayed in place, especially on the passenger side. After struggling with this for a while, she just knew there had to be an easier way. In turn, Sally was inspired to develop the Automated Sunscreen!

This device shades the interior of your vehicle to keep it cool and protect it against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Operation of the shade is controlled by an electric motor which drives the shade up and down with a trackless system. This system is suitable for all types of vehicles and is safely secured in place while driving thanks to a sturdy interlock circuit.

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