ATV Multi-Use Trailer

Whether youre hauling hunting or fishing gear, or tools and supplies for yard work, this trailer will transport your items with ease!

  • Provides Increased Ground Clearance
  • No Cross-Axle Restrictions
  • Simple to Maneuver Off-Road
  • Lightweight Yet Strong and Durable
  • Great for Outdoorsmen


Utility Patent #10,562,577

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Theodore Travica of Princeton, MN has created an innovative new trailer for an all-terrain vehicle. It is the answer to an outdoorsmans every need because it was developed by an outdoorsman!

Although all-terrain vehicles are enjoyed by many, they lack cargo hauling capability. The market has responded with ATV trailers; however, the axle and undercarriage of these trailers are typically low to the ground which limits their off-road ability, especially in heavy brush. ATVs also require transport to their area of intended use. This is usually via a truck or transport trailer, which does not provide adequate room for both the ATV and the ATV trailer. Inventor Travica just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the ATV Multi-Use Trailer!

Whether you are hauling hunting or fishing gear, or supplies for yard work, the invention will transport your items with ease. Transport it with your ATV in your pickup, or on a utility trailer. The trailer offers increased ground clearance with no cross-axle restrictions. It is also easily maneuverable and equipped to handle off-road conditions. It is lightweight yet built with enough structural strength to accommodate virtually any gear you are carrying.

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