Attic Lift Ladder

A hand winch system to assist in lifting items in and out of an attic space.

  • Reduces Stress and Strain on One’s Back and Legs
  • Retrofits to Existing Attic Ladders
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Store
  • Perfect for Holiday Decorations, Off-Season Clothing, and More


Utility Patent - 11,485,613

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Charles Phillips and Cameron Phillips of Murrells Inlet, SC have created a new lifting aid that takes the stress and strain out of carrying boxes and other items up to the attic.

The idea was born while putting Christmas decorations back in the attic. It was a two-man job due to the weight and size of the containers. Charles son, Cameron, told his dad they really needed a lift for the task. Charles agreed and wished they could just hook one to the ladder steps and lift things up. Without a lift, it really was such a backbreaking task. In turn, they were inspired to develop the Attic Lift Ladder! This innovative new lift will come in handy for storing holiday decorations, off-season clothing, and more.

A user will simply unfold the lift support arms and attach them to an attics ladder steps. They will then fold down the lifting platform and connect the hand winch to the mount/cable. Once the lift is assembled and attached to the ladder, it is ready for use. Items are placed on the platform and the winch is turned to lift the platform up to the attic. The process is then repeated as necessary. The invention retrofits to existing attic ladders and is easily stored after use.

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    I’d like to buy one. Please send me information. Thank you

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