Athletic Stance Trainer

The Athletic Stance Trainer is an aid for teaching proper stance to baseball, softball, and golf players.

  • Works on Stance Before, During and After Swing
  • Keeps User’s Feet and Hips in Proper Position
  • Builds Muscle Memory
  • Immediate Results
  • For Little Leaguers Up to Professional Level Players


Utility Patent #10,130,863

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark J. Hart of Wooster, OH has created an aid for teaching proper stance to baseball, softball, and golf players.

Becoming skilled at sports means a great deal of time and practice, especially when it comes to proper stance whether swinging a bat or a golf club. There is a need for a product by which ball players and golfers can quickly and easily learn the proper stance without constant reinforcement from their coaches. In turn, Inventor Hart has created the Athletic Stance Trainer. The product attaches to the front part of an athletes foot and holds it down using straps.

This clever new invention works on stance before, during, and after a swing. It keeps a users feet and hips in proper position. It builds muscle memory. A player will be able to see immediate improvement and results from a proper stance! Now anyone from little leaguers to professionals can improve their batting stance in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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