Athletic Quick Moist

A germ-free way to help moisten the fingertips to aid in the gripping and throwing of a ball.

  • Pre-Moistened Cloth that Attaches to a Sports Helmet or Hat
  • Eliminates Practice of Licking Fingers
  • Protects Against Germs and Illness
  • Could Include a Sponge Infused with Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Located on the Inside Between the Two Absorbent Cloths
  • Must-Have for Football, Baseball, and Basketball Players
  • Can Also Be Used for Tennis, Golf, Archery, Bowling, Shooting, Pool, Pole Vaulting, and More


Utility Patent - 11,696,662

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ken L. Daniels, Jr. of Grand Rapids, MI has created a new product that will be essential in keeping our athletes safe from viruses for years to come.

The idea was born after seeing athletes sick during the year. Ken thought a huge contributing factor was players licking their fingers before they handled the football, baseball, or basketball. Doing this is very unsanitary. Especially these days when clean, sanitized hands are a must. In baseball, it is actually illegal for players to spit on the field or on the ball. Ken just knew there had to be another way. In turn, he was inspired to develop Athletic Quick Moist!

The invention is a pre-moistened cloth that attaches to a sports helmet or hat. Immediately before a play begins, the player moistens their fingers by running them over the cloth. This increases the friction between the ball and the fingertips, resulting in better ball control, increased throwing distance, and a reduced chance of fumbling. The cloth is simply re-moistened as needed during play. It is also envisioned that a sponge infused with thick anti-bacterial hand sanitizer could be located on the inside between the two absorbent cloths.

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