An innovative new holding device for hair-styling tools.

  • Elastic Arm Sleeve for Retaining Your Most Commonly Used Hair Tools
  • Eliminates Clutter from a Workstation
  • Items Stay Organized and Within Reach
  • Comfortable for the Wearer
  • Smoother Service for the Client


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Calvin Pena of Indianapolis, IN has created an arm sleeve for holding your most commonly used hair tools while performing a client service.

As a barber for nearly a decade, Calvin wished there was a better way to organize his most needed tools during an appointment. When the barbershop is full, he is working fast and every second counts. There is no time for clipper guards to be lost or dropped on the floor. And it is frustrating to have to search for razors or your sheers. Calvin just knew there had to be a way to supply smoother services. The Armgard is his solution.

The invention is a holding device for use in a barber shop or hair salon setting. With the Armgard, your hairstyling tools stay organized and are always within reach. Now you can provide your client with an efficient, smooth service from start to finish!

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Additional Information

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