Aries Ram Array

The Aries Ram Array greatly enhances military or civilian emergency vehicles for better visibility and communication!

  • Scissor Lift Assembly Raises 8+ Feet in Height
  • 360° Rotating Camera with Night Vision Capability for Digital Video Viewing, Streaming and Recording
  • 360° Rotating High Intensity Search Light
  • Rotating Laser Range Finder for Determining the Exact Distance and GPS Coordinates of Any Predetermined Object
  • “Lock-in” Tracking Capability to Keep an Object in View
  • High Volume Speaker
  • Multi-Functional Display on the Inside Dash for Controlling the Camera, Lights, Range Finder, Speaker System and Recording Video


Utility Patent #10,124,719

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Roger P. Bailey and Dianne R. Bailey of New Braunfels, TX have created a product that will greatly enhance military or civilian emergency vehicles for better visibility and communication.

Police officers and other emergency response personnel put their lives on the line every single day, facing many different situations that pose a threat to their well-being. Emergency vehicles are truly at a disadvantage while out in bad weather, in congested traffic, or stopped on a hilly road where oncoming motorists do not see the vehicle or emergency lights until cresting the hill. At that point, it can be too late. In turn, the inventors were inspired to create the Aries Ram Array.

This important new invention is a height-adjustable, lightweight and slim LED light array that can be mounted to the roof of a military or civilian emergency vehicle. Its many features will provide lifesaving benefits and advanced warning to proceed with caution.

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