Aqua Vault

A truly revolutionary, must-have product for the fishing industry!

  • Holds Fish Immediately After They Are Caught
  • Floats on Surface of Water with Basket Portion Submerged
  • Keeps Fish Alive in the Same Water They Lived In
  • Ensures Fresher Tasting Fish
  • Does Not Require External Power Source


Utility Patent - 11,140,886

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Alec B. Shore and Coty Junkersfeld of Pocahontas, AR have created an improved livewell that will revolutionize the fishing industry!

As long-time bank fishermen, Alec and Coty realized there was not a good system out there for fishermen to store their live fish with minimal hassle. Stringers are an option, but they can be hard on fish. There are live bait coolers, but those are expensive and not nearly big enough to keep a decent sized catch. There are other more complicated aeration or temperature control systems, but these are costly as well and prone to failure. Alec and Coty just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they were inspired to develop the Aqua Vault!

As fish are caught, they are placed in the inside basket section through a trap door in the lid. This makes for easy one-handed operation, creating the ability for more casts which ultimately equals more fish! No power is required - just unhook your fish and drop it in the portable livewell. A buoyant flotation lid keeps the invention afloat while the fish are submerged in the same water from which they were just caught. This will be healthier for the fish and will preserve them until it is time to process them. It is also the perfect method for storing your trophy catch for later release. At the end of your fishing outing, the basket can be slid into a base with a solid bottom so you can transport the fish in fresh water as well.

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