Any Rail Bar & Buffet

Convert your existing railing into useable space for serving food and seating your guests!

  • Fits Any Railing Inside or Outside
  • Locks into Place in Less Than 3 Minutes
  • Drip Railing Catches Any Toppled Drinks for Quick Clean Up
  • Perfect for Apartments, Airbnb & VRBO Homes, Vacation Rentals, and Hotels
  • Various Colors to Match Any Décor


Utility Patent #10,362,862

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel Symalla has created the perfect solution for entertaining when space is limited.

As someone who likes to cook and entertain, one obstacle Daniel always encountered was finding room for serving food and seating his guests. His previous house was a tri-level with the kitchen and dining area on a raised sub-floor with railings. He thought, Wouldn't it be great if guests could sit here to eat and watch the game? That is where the idea was hatched. Now, with Daniels Any Rail Bar & Buffet, you can quickly and easily convert your existing railing into useable space for serving food and seating your guests.

The design will fit any railing, inside or outside. It is simple to install and can be locked into place in less than 3 minutes! Once properly secured, it cannot be knocked off without excessive use of force. A drip railing around the design has been incorporated to catch any toppled drinks for quick clean up. After your party or evening with friends, the device is easy to remove. The invention is ideal for home entertaining. It is also perfect for apartments, Airbnb & VRBO homes, vacation rentals, and hotels. Various colors are offered to match any dcor.

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