Anti-Push Back Wheelchair

A wheelchair safety device to prevent serious injuries and even save lives.

  • Innovative Side-Mounted Lever
  • Moves Wheelchair Forward or Backward
  • Can be Placed in a Neutral Position so it Can Be Pushed
  • SHX Bushing Attaches to Wheelchair Wheels to Secure Ratchet to Wheelchair
  • Ratcheting-Style Gear Stops Rollback
  • Chair Stays Close as User Stands
  • Fits Wheelchairs of All Sizes
  • Stays on During Travel


Utility Patent - 11,628,104

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas E. Hodges of Farmington, AR has created a safety device for wheelchairs that will prevent serious injuries and even save lives.

Having worked in the long-term care business as Director of Maintenance and Life Safety, Thomas noticed many struggling with their wheelchair. It was his goal to find a way to improve wheelchair safety, as well as a way for all short-term and long-term wheelchair users to feel more independent in their chair. In turn, he developed the Anti-Push Back Wheelchair!

Wheelchair users can now safely control their chair themselves thanks to an innovative side-mounted lever. The lever allows the wheelchair to move forward, backward, or it can be placed in a neutral position so it can be pushed in any direction by a nurse, friend, or family member. For added safety, the lever is connected to a ratcheting-style gear that stops rollback when engaged. In addition, a torsion spring moves the chair forward slightly as the user stands to keep the chair close if they are unsteady on their feet. A wheelchair can be folded for travel without having to remove the device. The invention was designed for indoor and outdoor use and can easily be fitted to wheelchairs of all sizes.

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