Angel Wheels

An innovative new reclining wheelchair, featuring a remote lift and side board to help with patients of all sizes.

  • Easily Adjusts to a Caregiver’s Height
  • Prevents Back Injuries and Muscle Strain
  • Does Not Require a Second Person
  • Easy to Clean
  • Will Benefit Millions of Families, Caregivers, and Healthcare Workers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Victoria Love of Jonesboro, GA has created an innovative new reclining wheelchair that features a remote lift and side board to help transfer patients of all sizes.

Moving a patient from their wheelchair to a changing table and/or bed can be a monumental task for many caretakers, especially when this task needs to be completed several times a day. It also puts the caretaker at risk of muscle strain or back injury. Plus, when the patient is overweight, transferring them often requires the assistance of two people. This takes care away from other patients and can drive up the overall cost of medical care. With this in mind, Victoria was inspired to develop a way to make life a little easier when it comes to assisting with daily living skills. In turn, she created Angel Wheels!

Not only does the wheelchair recline, it has a remote lift and side board to help with heavier patients. The wheelchair also adjusts to a caregivers height to help ease stress on their legs and back. This will benefit millions of families, caregivers, nursing home and healthcare workers.

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