Anand Tennis Pod

Organizing your tennis supplies just got easier!

  • Keeps Tennis Towels Clean and Off Clay or Ground
  • Organizes Free Balls to Prevent Injuries and Promote Tennis Play
  • Attached Shelf for a Phone, Watch, Food/Drink Items, Score Pad, and More
  • Measuring Notches to Measure Tennis Net Height
  • Collapsible, Portable, Easy to Carry
  • Multiple Colors and Material Options


Utility Patent #10,220,228

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dr. Rahul Anand, MD, Kieran Anand, and Rhiya Anand of Easton, CT have created a portable free-standing tripod device for organizing ones belongings while on the tennis court.

As an avid tennis player on clay courts in the Northeast, Dr. Anand, MD quickly realized some inefficiencies in the setup. Since towel boys and girls are not available in recreational tennis and the backstops dont have hooks, players are in great need of a way to organize towels and balls during play. Otherwise towels can become dirty and balls arent easily accessible, thereby disrupting game play. In turn, Inventors Anand have developed the Anand Tennis Pod! This will be a must-have for professional, amateur, and recreational play or clubs!

The invention is a tripod-like stand for holding a towel, tennis balls, and a few personal items during a tennis match or practice. Now players will be able to keep tennis towels clean and off the clay court or ground by utilizing the devices hook. In addition, having a designated spot for loose balls will not only prevent injuries, it will promote uninterrupted play. Others will appreciate the stand for its attached shelf a great spot for a phone, watch, food or drink items, a score pad, and more. One of its best qualities is that the stand is collapsible, making it extremely portable and easy to carry. Various colors and material options are possible to suit all surfaces and clubs. Measuring notches for measuring tennis net height could be incorporated as well.

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