Almega Planters

An innovative new solution for nurturing plant growth!

  • Modular Design Allows a Single Plant to Grow Across Multiple Interconnected Sections
  • Addresses the Need for Deeper or Wider Soil Conditions
  • No Labor-Intensive Repotting or Risk of Transplant Shock
  • Allows Your Plants to Thrive in A Seamless, Scalable Environment
  • Provides Unmatched Stability


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Joseph A. Reynolds and Jill M. Schnarrs of New Castle, PA have crafted an innovative new solution for nurturing plant growth!

Faced with the challenge of her preschoolers struggling to transport their plant projects home in fragile cups, Jill, alongside Joseph, identified not just a classroom dilemma but a flaw in traditional planter design that stunted plant growth. Their answer? Almega Planters!

Their invention was designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional planters. It offers a modular and durable design that allows a single plant to grow across multiple interconnected sections, addressing the need for deeper or wider soil conditions. The invention eliminates the need for labor-intensive repotting, as well as the risk of transplant shock. Now plants can thrive in a seamless, scalable environment that provides unmatched stability, even in variable weather conditions!

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