All Weather Walker

The All Weather Walker is an integral collapsible umbrella attachment for walkers

  • Never Worry About Forgetting an Umbrella Again
  • Protects User from Rain or Intense Sunshine
  • Increases Safety
  • Will Not Impact Functionality of Walker
  • Clamps Make It Incredibly Sturdy


Utility Patent #10,285,893

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Roy A. Sands of Hollywood, FL has created an integral collapsible umbrella attachment for walkers

When using a walker, simple travel from place to place becomes a major undertaking that requires considerable effort. Rain and other inclement weather, even excessive sunshine, can pose a hazard since an umbrella is impossible to hold while safely using a walker. One day, Inventor Sands wife and mother returned from an outdoor event soaking wet. He asked if they had forgotten an umbrella. They had one but with his mother using a walker, it didnt go very well. This is when his idea for the All Weather Walker was born! Now those using a walker can be protected from outdoor weather while still maneuvering around with the walker as normal.

Never worry about forgetting an umbrella again! Dont let the weather keep you inside! This clever new invention protects a user from rain or intense sunshine. The device increases safety. Clamps make it incredibly sturdy. It will not impact the functionality of the walker. To learn more about the All Weather Walker or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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