An innovative new way to prevent the build-up of algae.

  • Features Zinc Metal Attached to a Filter System
  • Chemical and Maintenance Free
  • Fast Acting
  • Promotes a Healthy and Balanced Ecosystem
  • Can Be Used on Aquariums, Ponds, and Pools


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Mark Domjancic and Leah Piatkowski of Canada have created a system that will forever change the technology of water.

Ever since Mark was a child, he was a risk taker and was unafraid of failure. Being creative was essential to his existence and happiness. He would create scrapbooks by cutting out images and writing down his ideas. His knowledge in metallurgy, technical mathematics, and environmental technology, and as a general contractor, shaped his brain with extraordinary new concepts and innovative ideas.

With the invention of the ALGAENATOR, he started off with the idea and design of the logo. His partner, Leah, designed the name. A prototype was made, and research was conducted. Mark wanted to see if something like this existed. He knew there was an algae problem in water, and it affected the ecosystem. The way he came about to solve this problem was by taking an idea from one place and applying it in a different place for a completely different application.

Mark did all his research and used his aquarium as his test subject. Tests were conducted over a 12-month period to track the reduction of algae in the water. It was astounding! The product started to work within days. His fish thrived and increased in size. There was also an increase of oxygen in the water and plant life got healthier. The alkaline levels stayed in a safe zone and did not increase. His steel industry experience broadened his knowledge in metallurgy as a tester and analyst to know the components of steel.

In 2018, Mark decided to upgrade his math skills by enrolling into a technical mathematics program at Mohawk College in order to get into a 3-year architectural technology program. The math program helped him with the scientific aspect of the invention. He needed to formulate an algebraic equation for the ALGAENATOR. A lot of research was done to determine how much of the natural mineral zinc could trickle off the filter system and flow into the water over a 24-hour period to determine how much zinc was safe for the fish and plant life. The mineral had to be weighed on an instrument scale and calculated. In the end, when all the information was plugged into the equation, the numbers added up!

In 2019, he was accepted into a 3-year architectural technology program at Mohawk College. Environmental technology taught Mark a lot about water technology and water treatment.

Working as a general contractor and previous work in the roofing industry added to this equation also. They used to install zinc mold and mildew preventor strips on roofs. Zinc is poisonous to algae!

With all this information in mind, Mark created something that has never before existed that will revolutionize the technology of water: the ALGAENATOR. The invention does not use chemicals, is safe and easy to use, and is environmentally friendly. The pond, pool, and aquarium industry will be forever changed.


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