Air Drying Rack for Clothes

The best way to dry clothing outside of a dryer!

  • Keeps Clothes Fresh with No Wrinkles
  • Uses Little Space; Easy to Store
  • Saves on Electric Bill
  • Great for All Families
  • Ideal for the Military, Travel, or Camping Trips
  • Battery Operated & Fans Rotate
  • Portable & Lightweight


Design Patent #D825,128

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jackie Nolen, Sr. of Minden, LA, a service-connected disabled veteran of the US Army, has designed a drying rack for air drying clothes when you dont have access to a dryer or simply dont want to dry particular clothing items that could be damaged or could shrink from the heat of a dryer.

This clever new invention can be used in laundry rooms or even outdoors because it takes up very little space. Clothing on hangers will hang from the side along horizontal rods. Any extra clothing without hangers can be draped over each horizontal rod as well. An area has also been designed for tennis shoes and the like.

Nolens design will dry clothes in a short time while keeping them fresh and wrinkle-free. Using the device will save energy, therefore saving you money on your electric bill. The rack can easily be stored away between uses. It will be a great product for all families. It will be ideal for the military, travel, or for use during camping trips.

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