Air Circulating Bed Sheet

Distributes cool air across the surface of a bed for improved sleeping comfort!

  • Restful Sleep
  • Fresh Bedding
  • Keeps Sheets Smelling Clean Between Washes
  • For Use While in Bed or While Bed is Made
  • Operated by Remote Control


Utility Patent #10,912,694

Story Behind the Invention

Nobody sleeps well when they are overly warm and tossing and turning at night.

For those confined to bed due to illness or physical ailment, a sweltering bed can be unbearable. Even the very act of just lying in bed can cause health problems such as bedsores and ulcers. Bed sores are not only caused by the increased pressure of a patients body against a mattress, but by increased temperature and lack of air circulation as well. Similar problems exist for those who sleep in warm climates and sweat throughout the night. But now cool, restful sleep is possible with the Air Circulating Bed Sheet!

This innovative new ventilation and blower system has been specially designed to distribute cool air across the surface of a bed for improved sleeping comfort. Now there is no need to air condition your entire house at night when you can keep cool with this new bed sheet. The invention can also be used after the bed is made to keep sheets smelling fresh in between washes. For added freshness, a fragrance sheet can be inserted. The blower system may be operated by remote control for convenience.

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