Affirmation Animals

Designed to impact how children think and feel about themselves throughout the day!

  • Audio Recordings of Affirmations
  • Strengthens Children’s Mental Health
  • Prevents the Negative Consequences of Low Self-esteem
  • Helps Kids Express Their Unique Gifts and Talents
  • Promotes Confidence


Design Patent #D824,461

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ramona Lisette Chinn of Kaneohe, HI has created a new product for children designed to impact how they think and feel about themselves throughout the day.

As a child and family counselor for over 20 years, Inventor Chinn has helped countless children and adolescents overcome low self-esteem, which is the root cause of many of their everyday challenges. Other stuffed animals on the market with recordings are focused on entertaining children or soothing them to sleep. Affirmation Animals have been created to lift them up and enhance their self-esteem and other social and emotional skills. Not only are the animals adorable, friendly and snuggly, they will also help kids express their unique gifts and talents while promoting confidence in them.

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