Adjustable Step

An adjustable step for boat docks.

  • - Easily Attaches to Most Dock Structures
  • - Adjusts as Needed to Suit Various Boats and/or Water Levels
  • - Non-Slip
  • - Weather Resistant
  • - Especially Great for Older Adults or Those with a Physical Disability


Utility Patent - 11,332,901

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David Eckerman of Wichita, KS has created an adjustable safety step for boat docks.

Climbing in and out of a boat, typically from a dock, can be tricky for anyone especially older adults or those with a physical disability. While steps can be used, water levels vary, making these permanently installed steps useless at times. David simply wanted a better and safer way for family and friends to access his boat when it was raised on the lift. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Adjustable Step!

The step easily attaches to most dock structures and will move up and down as needed to suit various boats or water levels. Each step is made from weather resistant aluminum and features a non-slip coating on its upper surface for safety. As weight is applied to the step, it locks in place, providing boat owners and their friends and family with easy and secure access in and out of a boat.

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