Adjustable Landscape Marking Tool

Easy edging with no guesswork!

  • Saves Time and Frustration
  • Less Digging
  • Simple to Use
  • Quality Results
  • Great for Landscapers and DIY Homeowners Alike


Utility Patent - 11,292,021

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tim Cumblidge of Middlefield, OH has created a tool that allows for easy edging with no guesswork. This will be a must-have for landscapers and DIY homeowners alike!

As an experienced landscaper, Tim knows it can be extremely frustrating trying to edge a perfect circle around a tree for mulching. The process requires a lot of digging, time, and estimation. Tim just knew there had to be a better way to get quick professional results every time. In turn, he developed the Adjustable Landscape Marking Tool!

This innovative new marking tool features an adjustable nylon strap with a hook at one end and a marking device at the other. A user will first secure the hook around the base of a tree, or another object to be marked. They will then place the spray end of marker paint into the designated hole at the end of the strap. While pulling firmly with one hand and holding the marker paint with the other, they will simply walk around the tree while spraying marker paint onto the ground. Once the paint lines connect, the outline is ready to be edged!

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