Adjustable Cabinet Handles

The Adjustable Cabinet Handles are self-adjustable to fit the pre-existing holes on cabinets or drawers when you want to switch the look of your furniture.

  • Bilateral Adjustable Handle
  • Multiple Size Fit
  • Eliminates Guesswork
  • Prevents Re-Drilling
  • Gives Fresh Look to Furniture


Design Patent #D794,413; Utility Patent #9,909,338; Canadian Patent #2,949,829

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shorna E. Abrahams of Toronto, ON has designed the Adjustable Cabinet Handles! Handles are now self-adjustable to fit the pre-existing holes on cabinets or drawers when you want to change the look of your furniture!

The idea was born when Inventor Abrahams was unsuccessful in completing a simple do-it-yourself project. She was trying to change furniture handles in order to give a face lift to her existing furniture. However, she was unable to locate new handles that fit the pre-existing holes. She knew this had to be a common problem for people wanting to give a fresh look to their cabinets, drawers, armoires, and more. In turn, she invented the Adjustable Cabinet Handles.

This clever new invention is a bilateral adjustable handle. Users will adjust it until it fits the pre-existing holes in their furniture. This eliminates guesswork and prevents re-drilling. Once fitted between the holes, the handle locks firmly into place. Switching handles for a brand new look has never been so easy! Do-it-yourselfers and professionals will both agree! For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!

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Adjustable Cabinet Handles


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