Acupressure Toxin Extractor Boots

Provides tremendous healing, pain relief therapy, and improves overall foot health.

  • Uses Water-Based Hydro Therapy
  • Reduces Stress and Strain
  • Soothes Various Ailments and Conditions
  • Covers One’s Feet, Ankle Area, and Calf Muscle
  • Carries Pressurized Warm Water, Ice Water, or Pre-Mixed Remedy


Utility Patent #10,959,483

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tony Baichu of Canada has developed a walking foot spa created to provide tremendous healing, pain relief therapy, and improved foot health.

Growing up in Mara, Guyana, South America, most people used natural medicine. Despite having lived in North America for most of his life, Tony still prefers his mothers effective home remedies for relieving and curing ailments. During his first day back at the gym after a two-year period, he entered the sauna room and had a light bulb moment. This led to his creation of the Acupressure Toxin Extractor Boots! He knew boots of this kind could assist with chronic conditions, stress relief, better sleep, athletes foot, nail fungus, dead skin removal, callouses, sore feet, and more!

A user will simply fill the boots with warm water, ice water, or a pre-mixed all-natural remedy to promote toxin extraction. The watertight boots can be filled to the ankle or up to the bottom of the knee area. The user will then activate the inventions water pump for a jacuzzi-like massage while sitting, standing, or walking. Various boot sizes are possible to accommodate all users.

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