A flat cord holder that changes the footprint of a cord for easy storage at home and on-the-go.

  • - Less Cord Tangles
  • - Prevents Bends in Cord
  • - Better Secures Cord
  • - Eliminates Frustration
  • - Easy to Store in Briefcase, Computer Bag, or Backpack


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sharyn L. Sheen of Janesville, WI has designed a flat cord holder that changes the footprint of a cord for easy storage at home and on-the-go!

Similar to folding a fitted sheet, Sharyn was having trouble wrapping her computer adapter and cord into a neat bundle. It was always too bulky to fit in any of her briefcases, leaving bulges in the soft side cases and lumps in her backpack. It was also difficult to fit other items around it. One afternoon in the garage, she notched a piece of 14" wood on either end and found that her cord wrapped around it so easily, she could just drop it into the bottom of her briefcase and go! The idea was developed further and is now known as the AC-CORD Wrap!

Users will simply place the adapter block against the face of the invention and start wrapping each end of the power cord around the device. Grooves at each end have been designed to hold the cord in place. Once in position, a VELCRO strap can be used to further secure everything before it is stored away. How easy! The way the cord is wrapped will also lessen the stress and bending of the cord.

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