A Pair and A Spare

Two-part pantyhose system designed to go on one leg at a time.

  • Each Leg Has Separate Waist Strap to Help Hold in Place
  • Allows Replacement of Only One Leg at A Time Should One Leg Suffer from Runs, Snags, or Tears
  • Affordable
  • Discrete
  • Especially Great for Those Who Are Disabled, Suffering from Arthritis, Pregnant, Elderly, or Overweight


Design Patent #D772,600

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor E. Jane Rhodes of Fredonia, PA has created a two-part pantyhose system designed to go on one leg at a time.

Several years ago, Inventor Rhodes broke both arms, one right after the other. With two broken arms, this meant, of course, that she was unable to put on pantyhose. This is when her idea for A Pair and A Spare was born. This product is wonderfully workable for any lifestyle a woman may lead. Regular pantyhose can be uncomfortable, but A Pair and A Spare are not like regular pantyhose.

This clever new invention provides pantyhose wearers the comfort, appearance, and functionality of pantyhose without the difficulty of application or removal. Each leg is applied separately and has a separate waist strap to help hold the pantyhose in place. Should one leg suffer from runs, snags, or tears, the invention allows for replacement of only one leg at a time. It is affordable and discrete. It is especially great for those who are disabled, suffering from arthritis, pregnant, elderly, overweight, or anyone who struggles with pantyhose. Even husbands and boyfriends love it! Act now for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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