777 Iron Smith

Speeds up the process and allows for accuracy when installing trusses and rafters.

  • Lightweight
  • Handle Allows for Ease of Applications and Use
  • Imperial and Metric Measurements
  • Allows for Speed, Accuracy, Durability, Strength
  • Saves Time and Labor Costs


Design Patent #D834,390

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brian Iron of Canada has designed a product to assist users doing carpentry jobs by themselves. They will now be able to place rafters and nail everything faster and easier.

As a carpenter, Iron often had to work short-handed. To speed up the process and allow for accuracy when installing trusses and rafters, he made a homemade device and found it to be very effective. After all, time is money! He continued to use his creation for different housing projects and was very happy with the results. Now, hes bringing the product to market!

The Speed Framer 2 Foot Center allows for accurate spacing when installing trusses and rafters onto the wall. It was designed to line up the trusses for accurate centering as roof sheeting is being installed. The product is lightweight with a user-friendly handle and both imperial and metric measurements. It was designed for speed, accuracy, durability, and strength to hold trusses and rafters in place while fabricating a roof.

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