4-Winds Turbine Generator

Increases the amount of power generated from a wind turbine under a wide variety of wind conditions!

  • Multi Directional Wind Generator
  • Uses Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • Higher Efficiency When Compared to Conventional Turbines
  • Generates Almost Twice the Electrical Power
  • Produces Power from Wind Approaching from Different Directions


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Durard Allen Pendergraft of Seneca, MO has created a wind turbine with enhanced energy production when compared to conventional turbines.

From the beginning of time, mankind has relied on various sources of energy to survive. These sources have included wood, coal, oil, solar power, and nuclear energy to name a few. However, just about all of these energy sources have one drawback or another. These drawbacks range from pollution to natural resource depletion. One form of energy which does not have any of these disadvantages is energy supplied by the wind. However, certain styles of wind turbines will actually waste wind energy simply because they are unable to capture it! Inventor Pendergraft knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the 4-Winds Turbine Generator!

But how does it work? The invention is similar to a conventional vertical vane turbine, with two sets of diametrically opposed cups. However, each set of cups, or vanes, are independently linked in a mechanical fashion to a generator system. One set of vanes is coupled to a set of moving magnets. The other set is coupled to multiple coils. When the wind blows, the magnets move within the coils at a speed twice that of a conventional generator therefore producing more electrical power! The positioning of the vanes capture wind regardless of the direction it is blowing. The invention could be made in all sizes from a micro unit for behind the grill of an electric car, to small single home units, to large units capable of powering a community.

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