3rd Shift

A self-contained fire extinguishing system for use in a motor vehicle.

  • Onboard Fire Suppression System
  • Placed in Vehicle Locations That Are Known to Catch Fire
  • Heat From a Fire Will Melt the Enclosure, Releasing the Fire Extinguishing Chemicals
  • Contains and Extinguishes Any Onboard Fire
  • Can Be Used on Cars, Trucks, Vans, Busses, RVs and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lee Oleskewicz of Fort Pierce, FL has created a self-contained fire extinguishing system for use in a motor vehicle.

The idea was born while watching a video online. It showed a woman trapped in her car while it was on fire. The police had a difficult time getting to her because the fire was so blazing hot. Thankfully, they were able to eventually save her. This, however, gave Lee the idea for 3rd Shift. No one should have to go through that kind of event.

The invention consists of an outer enclosure that is filled with fire extinguishing chemicals and sealed shut during manufacture. The invention is then simply placed in vehicle locations that are known to catch fire, such as engine compartments and fuel tanks. In the event of a fire or collision, the heat from the fire will melt the enclosure, in turn, releasing the fire extinguishing chemicals. The invention will not only contain, but extinguish any onboard fire, ensuring the safety and lives of those in the vehicle.

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