3 in 1 Medical Organizer

An innovative new diabetic testing equipment organizer.

  • Stores Testing Supplies, Syringes, Pills
  • Keeps You Organized for the Week
  • Clearly Labeled
  • Helpful for Caregivers
  • Easy to Transport


Design Patent #D890,952

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Duane Searles of Franklin, WI has designed an innovative new diabetic testing equipment organizer.

As the primary caregiver of his mother, Searles noticed she was making mistakes with her insulin pen. Its an easy thing to do! Her doctor wanted her to inject 25 units in each hip in the morning. To make it easier on her, Searles supplied two syringes with 25 units each. He then turned to the internet in search of a syringe organizer that could hold the two syringes. In the end, he couldnt find anything suitable and was inspired to make one himself. In the process, it occurred to him it would be nice if he could mimic a weekly pill organizer with the days of the week listed on it. He also thought it would be helpful to have compartments for her diabetic testing supplies and pills. With these ideas in mind, he developed the 3 in 1 Medical Organizer!

Whether you are at home or on-the-go, this compact kit has been designed to simplify your day-to-day requirements as a diabetic, or as a diabetes caregiver. A foam section at the bottom will hold testing supplies in place. Moving upward to the next compartment, users will find a syringe organizer capable of holding two syringes. A compartment at the top has been created especially for pills. Each compartment will be clearly labeled with the days of the week to keep an individual on track and eliminate confusion.

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