Zipper Pull Assist

The Zipper Pull Assist is a tool that assists in pulling up zippers on dresses.

  • Easily Reaches Rear Zippers on Clothing like Dresses
  • No More Pulled Muscles
  • Restores Independence
  • Especially Helpful for the Elderly or Disabled
  • Easy to Manufacture


Utility Patent #9,498,076

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sonya Reid of Bronx, NY has created a tool that assists in pulling up zippers on dresses.

There is perhaps no other article of clothing that poses more of a problem than a dress with the zipper in the rear. Even the most physically fit and agile have difficulty with dress zippers, simply because of their awkward location. This leads to much struggle, frustration, and even pulled muscles. Inventor Reid was inspired to help others struggling with rear zippers, so the idea for the Zipper Pull Assist was born. Now anyone can be provided with the ability to easily operate zippers while dressing.

This clever new invention easily reaches rear zippers on clothing like dresses. No more pulled muscles! The device restores independence and is especially helpful for the elderly or disabled suffering from reduced physical dexterity. The invention is easy to manufacture. The use of the Zipper Pull Assist allows dress zippers to be more easily operated by all regardless of agility in a manner which is quick, easy, and efficient.

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