Z – Bar Rodent Trap

  • Larger Capture Surface Area
  • Bar is Sturdier than Thin Steel Wire
  • Bar Travels at High Rate of Speed
  • Increases Trap/Kill Ratio
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

Story Behind the Invention

Glendora, CA Inventor Patrick Cambio announces his patented invention known as the Z-Bar Rodent Trap.

Inventor Cambio developed this clever innovation, which is a spring-loaded, baited rodent trap that utilizes a zig-zag shape on the spring trap bar. Although resembling a conventional spring-loaded mouse trap, the snap wire bar is not straight but has a Z or zig-zag shape. The zig-zag snap bar provides for a wider capture surface area of as much as an extra half-inch, depending on the overall trap dimensions. This is in sharp contrast to the typical snap wire of of an inch-wide at most. The bars overall weight and wind resistance is still minor, and allows the bar to travel at a high rate of speed. The effective wider configuration makes it much more likely that the bar will strike some part of the rodents body, resulting in a higher trap or kill ratio. The use of the Z-Bar Rodent Trap provides a great improvement to conventional rodent traps.

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