Wrinkle Guard

The Wrinkle Guard is an apparatus designed to hold a sheet of silicone to ones forehead while sleeping, in an effort to reduce skin wrinkles.

  • Helps Reduce Appearance/Occurrence of Forehead Wrinkles
  • Elastic Fabric Holds Guard in Place
  • Allows For Easy Replacement of Silicone Sheets
  • Alternative to Costly/Dangerous Plastic Surgery
  • Can Be Worn At Any Time

Story Behind the Invention

Many people feel self conscious about their physical appearance. There are an abundance of products on the market to cover up, or correct ones physical abnormalities. Some people decide to turn to plastic surgery. One particular type of plastic surgery many turn to is that to remove wrinkles on the face, especially across the forehead area. However, such surgery, as with all types of surgery, is not without costs and risks. Many have found that holding a piece of silicone sheeting to the skin area helps to reduce wrinkles. However, such sheeting is almost impossible to hold in place long enough to see results. Inventor Thornton has created a means by which skin wrinkles in the forehead area can be reduced without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention helps reduce appearance and occurrence of forehead wrinkles. Elastic fabric holds the guard in place. The invention allows for easy replacement of silicon sheets. It is an alternative to costly and dangerous plastic surgery. It can be worn at any time. The use of the Wrinkle Guard provides an effective means to reduce forehead wrinkles in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe and cost effective as well.
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