Wireless Fish Finder

The invention is a Wireless Fish Finger that utilizes a sonar system mounted on an unmanned miniature boat to remotely receive real time data.

  • For Shore & Dock Fishing
  • Receive Underwater Images
  • Powerful Sonar Transponder
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Display
  • Big/Small Fish Identification


Patent #8,154,953

Story Behind the Invention

The technology used by anglers to catch fish has become increasingly complex in nature. Fishermen no longer rely on the traditional hook and worm approach to attract their game. Instead, a broad range of products have hit the market, designed to aid the fisherman to catch more fish quickly. One of the more popular aids is that of the sonar based fish finder. Such fish finders not only do a great job of finding fish, but also of detecting water depth, underwater obstructions and the like. However, such devices only see a small slice of the underwater topography at any one time. Thus, in order to locate a school of fish or map an entire underwater area, the entire boat must be moved back and forth. This not only is clumsy and awkward, but requires a good amount of time that could be spent fishing, as well as wasting fuel which is used while jockeying the boat. Additionally, those fishing from the shore or a dock have no method for detecting fish. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which the functionality of sonar-based fish finding system can be expanded without the use of a boat. The development of the Wireless Fish Finder fulfills this need.

Inventors Henry F. Sims & Rex Phillip Cooper of Bossier City, LA have developed a sonar system mounted on an unmanned miniature boat that enables the user to receive real time data.

This clever innovation utilizes a powerful sonar transponder in order to receive underwater images. Ideal for shore and dock fishing, the invention features a large, easy-to-read display that can be used to identify big and small fish alike. The use of the Wireless Fish Finder provides a practical and fun way of seeing underwater in a manner which is effective and easy to use.

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